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"All of the people that work there are very friendly & make sure you feel right at home :) my son was telling everyone how much he loves it there! All around a very nice place with very friendly staff"
What if your child had Laser Beam Focus?
What would life be like if your child followed directions?
How would you feel if you weren’t dreading parent teacher conferences? 
Karate Master shares the secret to helping your child 
F-O-C-U-S=>Follow One Course Until SUCCESSFUL!
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Here's What Our Recent Black Belt Graduates' Families Have to Say About Our Program
When Romir was just four years old we found MAA. We came in and met with Sensei. He asked us what would we like him to work on with Romir, and we said his social skills. We came to class and quickly saw changes in Romir’s demeanor. Romir was beginning to emerge out of his introversion and started constructing friendships! 

The most growth, in our opinion, has been in his physical abilities…Romir is now a Black Belt and has the tools and skills to defend himself! What Sensei said to us from the outset rings true to this day, “the family who sits through practice with their child, never quits but succeeds.”  
–The Nohar Family
It was a few years ago when we learned about the "Be Your Best" program at at his school. We asked Matthew if he would be interested in participating in it. Without any hesitation, he responded, "Yes!" It all started from there. We will never forget Matthew's reaction when he began the program. His eyes lit up and he could not wait to show off what he learned upon his return home. Matthew yearned to learn even more, and looked forward to attending the sessions that followed. 

The excitement and look in his eyes never left. "I want to earn my black belt!" he would constantly tell us. As time went on, we noticed changes in Matthew- positive ones. He began to understand that it is okay to not always do things correctly the first time. 
Matthew also began to learn that it is okay to make mistakes because, you can learn from them. We feel we have gone on practically every step with Matthew through his martial arts journey.

As time progressed he learned even more. Mathew strengthened his techniques, skills, and knowledge of karate. Yet, he also grew a bigger understanding of honor, discipline, and respect. The desire Matthew expressed early on to earn his black belt grew immensely. He has never let go of that goal, and we foresee him going even further. Matthew's transformation from a young boy to a young marital artist has been a phenomenal one to witness!
–Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Stacey Driscoll
Ethan started at MAA when he was four years old going on 5 years old. He was a shy disciplined child who lacked any self-confidence. 

We enrolled Ethan in karate so he could make friends and learn a new skill. His lack of self-confidence caused numerous problems in pre-k. In pre-k Ethan failed to participate in class and would not speak in front of other students. 

Now, as a 10 year old, and countless classes at MAA, Ethan has the confidence we always hoped he would one day have. Ethan now has the courage to stand and speak in front other students and participate daily in class discussions. 
Karate has given him the confidence to conquer any obstacle he may face. Karate has taught him discipline and encouragement to excel in anything he conquers. His hard work in karate has helped him to excel in baseball. He maintains amazing balance, posture and flexibility from karate. 
–Lynn & Eric Sorenson 
Give Your Kids Something That Will Help Them Succeed In All Aspects Of Life!
What is the Fall Focus Workshop All About?
When it comes to results, we’ve got the perfect formula to help your child develop Discipline, Focus, Confidence and Strength while having FUN!
Students learn through repetition that as their disciplines increase, so will their freedoms. Their body will begin to move effortlessly and gracefully. More importantly, kids learn that when they apply themselves in a similar manner to their schoolwork, their grades will begin to soar.
IS the key to a child’s learning ability
and Academic Success. We utilize over 40
Teaching Strategies to keep your child’s
attention and help them learn be successful
in our program.
We gently encourage our
students to overcome their Fears, Uncertainties
and Doubts (FUD’s) constantly by celebrating the smallest victory and teach them to continuously move forward in the face of their FUD’s!
Our program combines Martial Arts America Methods along with State-of-the Art
Strength and Agility Skills. Our facility is stocked with
all the latest equipment used by today’s Athletes.
Are designed to help your family learn what to expect from our team, plus what is expected from you, the parent. You will meet with our Instructor bi-weekly to insure your journey in our program is pleasant
and productive.
For more than 3 decades our Team of Martial Art Professionals have taught over 10,000 kids, just like yours, and we will be sharing our vast
experience with you in the form of Parenting and
Nutrition Tips via email and Facebook!
Our students will learn valuable Stranger Danger & Bully Defense  
Strategies. Not to mention, our award winning “I Can!” Character Development Program designed to help kids develop a Non-Quitting Spirit that will be vital not only to their Academic Success, but more importantly, success in life!
Rule # 1 at Martial Arts America is smile and have Fun!
Rule #2 is NEVER forget Rule #1☺ Our program
IS fun. Children will play Karate games that
are not only fun, but challenging!
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4 Weeks Only $49 - Free Uniform!
Expires Mon Nov 19th
Only 12 Spots Left
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of results can I expect?

Results vary, but rest assured that your family is in for a fantastic journey. The key to a child’s success in our program is the parent becoming one of our VIP’s=>Very Involved Parent!

Is my child too young for your program? 

Not at all. The younger the better. You see ‘hard” is a self taught attitude. So the younger you get your child onto our floor, the less chance we have of them being over challenged by the curriculum. We start kids off as young as 4!

Is my child going to get hurt?

At Martial Arts America safety Is our #1 PRIORITY! Our kid friendly environment is designed with your child in mind. We have state-of-the-art Safety Floors. Cameras and Certified Instructors all to insure your child’s safety!

My child has focus issues, will they be able to follow along with the rest of the class?

Of course, we’ve hundreds of your neighbors join our Academy for the very same reasons. We’ve worked with kids that have mild focus issues to full fledged ADD & ADHD. Our instructors improve kids’ focus gently and progressively.

Is my child going to have fun? 

Absolutely! We have 2 rules at Martial Arts America.

Rule #1 is Smile and have Fun.

Rule #2 is NEVER forget Rule #1

Fun Is the method to our “madness”… Kids will play fun and exciting “karate” games that improve, Strength Explosive Power and Speed!

My child is being bullied in school, is this really going to help? 

Yes! Our Award Winning Street Smart Safe Kids Program gives children the tools they need to handle confrontation in school and on the playground!

Is this an activity my entire family can do?

We believe that the family that kicks together sticks together! We have classes for the entire family; Martial Arts as well as Kickboxing or better yet, you can participate in our Family Workouts! You’ll be amazed as your family discusses their workout at the dining table!

Is this going to be expensive?

Our tuition is competitive. Here’s how it works. Our 4 Week Special is designed to help families make sure that our program is a good “fit” for them. When you’re ready to move forward to the next program, our Director will help you pick out the program that will be most economical for your family.

Register For Our Fall Focus Workshop
4 Weeks Only $49 - Free Uniform!
Expires Mon Nov 19th
Only 12 Spots Left
Time Left To Register:
300 S Broadway
Hicksville, NY 11801
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